Negative Energies – Just A Misconception?

Zerrissenes Plakat & Grafiti; Foto: Detlev Tesch

Zuerst erscheinen in: The Official Introduction Guide to EmoTrance 2008 Edition, pp. 73-79
Autor: Detlev Tesch, EmoTrance Master Trainer

Since I first learned about the energy worlds I have been confronted with the concept of ”positive and negative energies“. So many healers, intuitives, clairvoyants, and people in general talk and write about it. You will find lots of books and websites that tell you how important it is to focus on positive energies and avoid negative ones, shield them off, and avoid people, things and places that emanate negative energies.

Life With Negative Energies

And don’t we all experience those negative energies on a more or less daily basis? Those negative people and their negative talk. Lots of negative news in the newspapers, on the radio, and on the TV. Dreadful co‐workers, awful customers or clients, unfriendly staff in shops, offices, agencies etc.

So, the idea of negative energies has been with me for years and I found powerful proof that they exist:

A few years ago I had fallen in love with a woman and she with me. After we had known each other for only a few weeks we had the opportunity to spend a two week holiday in Tuscany. Oh, what an exquisite joy for two so freshly and deeply in love.

We had a nice romantic little apartment in a lovely place. The weather was just ideal. We had great food in nice restaurants. We were really having a most wonderful time and lots of fun. It was hard to imagine anything more “positive“ than that.

One day, filled with all that happiness and excitement, we were on an excursion to some beautiful town in Tuscany. We had parked my car outside the city walls and on this magnificent day in late August we were, hand in hand, happily, merrily walking narrow busy streets towards the city centre.

All of a sudden I felt an abrupt mood‐swing. There was a mix of emotions like anger, sadness, rage, and more that I do not remember. There was no apparent reason for this at all.

Boy, had I been glad then that I had taken all those seminars in a specific energy healing modality. Thus I knew that the emotions we feel are not always our own, but can be emotional energies that we catch like a cold. Ok, that by itself was informative, but did not allow me to change things. But I knew, what else to do and how to do it: Create and program a powerful energy shield to ward of negative energies, then cleanse myself of the energies I had caught and that were making me feel bad. So I ushered my girlfriend into an alley and briefly explained the situation. Then I did what I had to do to establish that shield and the got rid of those strange energies.

This whole episode may have taken somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes, and then I was back to my happy, loving self and could now, again, enjoy the day, the gorgeous weather, the beautiful town and my charming girlfriend.

If I had needed any more proof that negative energies exist, this had been it. And in the years to come there were more situations, if not as impressive, that supported the concept of negative energies.

Maybe some of you can relate to this: Going shopping or running errands in a busy city or shopping centre can be a very draining experience. I used to notice that I felt exhausted after a few hours in town, especially in bad or hot weather, around Christmas etc. when people tend to be particularly stressed out. All too often I would get home with a headache, bad mood, on some occasions even feeling depressed.

At times I would avoid this by putting up a strong energy shield. Yet often I simply forgot. In retrospect I can say, that at times it somehow did NOT FEEL RIGHT to put one up – for whatever the reason. Thus there were many, many opportunities for a bit of suffering.

And with all the books and articles and seminars talking about negative energies, what they do to us, and how we can protect ourselves from them – and that we ought to do that for the sake of our positive spiritual development – this quite simply was part of my reality.

Now Enter EmoTrance …

It seems that I have been directed towards EmoTrance by higher forces, much like I had been directed towards learning energy healing years before. And EmoTrance felt so right, right from the beginning. But there was this strange idea saying “There is no GOOD or BAD [just other words for “positive“ and “negative“] energy, there is ONLY ENERGY“.

On a deeper level this immediately rang true. On the conscious level, however, I encountered a contradiction. This statement contradicted what I had learned in years of energy work AND it contradicted my very own experiences: There ARE bad, negative energies and we do have to shield them off. This had been proven in Tuscany, hadn’t it?

Well, let’s think again and take a closer look.

What happens in our bodies, in our energy systems when we experience bad, negative, unpleasant feelings about some energy? There is a build‐up of energy that cannot flow properly. This creates energetic “pressure“. This pressure then turns into a kinaesthetic sensation that hurts us or feels uncomfortable.

EmoTrance theory says that our systems were designed to handle ANY naturally occurring energy (from objects, plants, animals, humans, environments, etc.) so that we can take whatever is beneficial from them and let the rest flow out.

Aha! So what this means is: If an energy cannot be channelled or processed correctly, then we have a negative i.e. an unpleasant experience.

Alright, so the “negative“ quality is not inherent in the energy itself but derives from problems in our very own energy systems.

Wow, what an eye opener. What a fresh perspective. That makes real sense!

And how empowering that is! If there are “bad“ energies “out there“ and there is nothing we can do but avoid them (or if we’re lucky we find a technique somewhere to “transform“ them), our choices are very limited.

If on the other hand we OWN the problem, we can do something about it. We can heal ourselves. We can make ourselves stronger. We can “grow“ and become powerful enough so that we no longer need to be scared and no longer need to avoid that energy.

If we heal ourselves using EmoTrance we win immensely.

We can heal a problem that might even be very old or severe and it usually is fast and easy.

We stop the suffering and the discomfort.

We can energetically “feed“ on the energy that used to be a threat to us.

This means that we can use FOR OUR WELL‐BEING what used to give us a hard time!

We can even get an energized end state and feel absolutely wonderful. Now, is that cool, or is that cool?

Even if we might not go that far every time, the thing is that we now have more options than we used to!

Having options to choose from is FREEDOM.

Life with EmoTrance

So, what difference does this make in daily life?

Let’s take the situation of going shopping in a buzzing town.

It happened last march in Bonn, where I live. A beautiful spring day. I was downtown for several hours. There was some special festivity and the city centre was packed with people. People shopping, people hurrying, calling, shouting… There were loads of activities, musicians, and performers. Cafés and terraces were crowded. There were more happy, smiling faces than usual, but the grim ones still held the vast majority.

Then I noticed that my mood was on a downswing. Just like that. But this time I had help. No, it wasn’t Superman, nor Wonder Woman, not Spiderman, or Mr. Incredible and no energy shield either. It was EmoTrance that came to my rescue.

Soften and flow – while I am still making my way through the crowds. Soften and flow and no one knows what I am doing to myself. Soften and flow and there is an almost instantaneous shift. A moment later I feel fine again. A smile shows up on my face. Ah, there’s a few people responding, smiling back… Wonderful… How much better people look when they are smiling!

Please note: There was no need for me, to transform those masses of supposedly negative emotions and energies that were amassed there by hundreds, even thousands of people (an overwhelming task, if you ask me). I did not need to run away from that situation either. Nor was there any necessity to shield myself and forego all that energy nutrition. I could do what I had come for, I could enjoy the day, I could feel good, no matter what was going on for all the other people, what they were feeling, what energies they were emanating.

I was free to stay or to leave.

I was free from suffering.

The energies could not drive me away.

This is more powerful and liberating than any other concept I have come across.

Or take any unpleasant situation at work – like being criticised by a supervisor or co‐worker.

Normally our body has a stress reaction to that. This leads to all sorts of substances being poured into our blood stream. Among those is adrenalin. One of the effects adrenalin has is that it blocks synaptic communication in our brain to varying degrees. As a consequence we cannot think clearly, we cannot access memories effectively etc. (Ever been in an exam and forgotten what you had learned? Then you know what I’m talking about!)

This means: We become stress stupid – more or less, depending on how severe the stress reaction is. Due to stress we tend to do stupid things, say stupid things and make stupid decisions.

For this reason we rarely find good solutions in such a situation; indeed, in the contrary, we often make things even worse.

Now, with EmoTrance we can soften and flow our emotional reaction on the spot, right there and then, right here and now. We can have more or all of our intelligence at our command.

We can make better choices and find better solutions.

And on top of all that: we can feel much better.

And we haven’t even touched on the subject of treating and resolving patterns of emotional reactions outside of acute situations and how beneficial, how life changing, that can be.

So: YES, the concept of “negative energies” is nothing but a misconception, albeit a very widespread one. There is ONLY ENERGY. If it hurts, then there’s an injury or a blockage. And that can be healed.

And now you who know EmoTrance, you might just as well forget all about “negative energies”

Just be ready to soften and flow. Be ready to be happy. Be ready to enjoy life.

You don’t know how to do EmoTrance yet?

Do not worry.

It’s easy to learn and easy to do.

And there are more and more workshops you can go to.

Welcome to the enchanted world of EmoTrance!


Diplom.‐Ökonom Detlev Tesch, November 2007

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